Manchester City Women OSC members at Wembley ahead of the 2017 SSE Women's FA Cup final

WEEKLY UPDATE: Manchester City Women Official Supporters’ Club #49

Welcome to this week’s update from the Manchester City Women Official Supporters’ Club.

First and foremost, the OSC would like to say that we hope you are all keeping safe and well in these difficult times. We are obviously all missing our football at the moment and that is difficult but we know that if we can all do our bit, we can hopefully get through this together and get back to it.

The online community which we have built up as supporters groups has been a major positive in this period, it is a way for fans to keep connected and for anyone who is isolated or lonely to interact with people on a regular basis. We are always here for anyone who needs a chat on any of our social media platforms so don’t be lonely guys!

This week has seen us again partake in a mass watch-a-long of a classic game. This time, our epic victory over Birmingham City in the 2017 Women’s FA Cup final was shown on the competition’s official Facebook page. It evoked so many happy memories and was a pleasure to watch once again. We have also had many threads going on Twitter with fans again sharing their pictures, artwork and memorabilia as well as our now regular Friday night Manchester City Women Twitter quiz. We have also thrown in a number of picture quiz teasers throughout the week, some have been a lot harder than others.

We and many others were treated to another amazing musical rendition from Esme Morgan and Lauren Hemp during the last week. It is brilliant that they do things like this and I’m sure each and every one of you will join us in thanking them.

We have contributed and are very much looking forward to FA Women’s Super League Full-Time’s free special online edition, which is a great gesture and one sure to help fans feel connected again, which can only be a good thing.

Away from the social media, we are busy helping our author Andrew Waldon on our 2020 Yearbook. It will be the third year running that we have published the yearbook and although with the current situation it is a little trickier this year, we will be looking to have the book available at the earliest opportunity.

Finally, we are sure that many of you took part in the nation’s #ClapForOurCarers initiative last week. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our key workers and carers. Each and every one is a hero.

Until next week, take care of yourselves, stay in touch and stay safe. 

Dave (Committee member – MCWFC OSC)

Twitter: @MCWFC_OSC

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