FA Women’s Super League Full-Time recently announced a partnership with player-centric sport agency, Pro Talent Sports, with the organisation becoming our primary advertising partner.

Pro Talent Sports is an independent player-centred sports enterprise set up to help players achieve their potential, perform well and help them feel positive about the direction of their careers. The organisation excels in player representation, handling matters such as employment contract negotiations, club transfers and player media
and press duties.

We have been speaking with Pro Talent Sports Partner & FA Registered Intermediary Jacquie Agnew to learn more about the organisation.

When was Pro Talent Sports launched and can you tell us more about what you do?

We started operating in the spring of last year, after a lot of market research into the role and responsibilities of agents. It seemed clear that as the women’s game was becoming more professional, more players would benefit from help with their playing careers in a number of ways.

Aside from handling the negotiations, the contracts, and the paperwork, we work to match players’ abilities to opportunities in clubs at the right level. We get to know our clients first, so we can explore options for a good fit – for the short and longer term. Success means getting it right for our clients and that, in turn, depends on our knowledge base and the network of contacts we enjoy.

There are a lot of Barclays FA Women’s Super League and FA Women’s Championship players out of contract and looking for new clubs this summer. How can you help them in securing a return to the game next season?

We have developed a way of presenting the essential talents and abilities of our clients to managers and recruiters, so they can assess their potential very quickly, adding our own evaluation on what they would bring to the squad.

In addition, we want to help players return to the game in great shape after lockdown – which may give them an edge. We are partnering with a specialist football fitness professional who delivers bespoke individual conditioning programmes online as well as in person.

Have you previously worked with some players with Barclays FA Women’s Super League or FA Women’s Championship experience and what has been your biggest success story to date?

I have first-hand experience of working with elite players as a former First Team Manager, Head of Women’s Football and Board Member of a club now in the FA Women’s Championship.

My Managerial successes include winning two championships and five cups. My experience is very unusual for an agent and this enables me to support players in a much broader way.

Today, Pro Talent Sports works with players in the top three tiers. Our successes are our players’ successes – which include moving up to play in a higher league; captaining a team; international call-ups, placing players from abroad and re-negotiating contacts.

What is the long-term ambition for Pro Talent Sports?

We want to do the best for those we represent. Standards for players on and off the field are rising all the time and we want to be a part of the progress. If we achieve excellence in what we do for them that is ambition enough.

How can players get in contact with you for more details?

Our website gives more detail about us, and players might like to read our Player Insights section to get a flavour of how we approach our work.


Then they can DM us on Twitter:


Or E-mail:



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