WEEKLY UPDATE: Manchester United Barmy Army #11

Due to the cancellation of all football due to the Coronavirus outbreak and government aims to minimise the spread of this, it leaves us with very little to talk about in the world of Manchester United.

Before all football at all levels was cancelled though, a few of our members went to watch our Development Squad smash our rivals Manchester City in an exciting 3-0 win. It was evident to all just how much our youngsters are improving game-by-game and we hope to see many of these players in our senior squad in time.

We dominated midfield from the start and the goals came from Megan Hornby, Tara Bourne and Maria Edwards. A visit was also made to watch West Brom Albion’s fixture against Huddersfield Town to watch loanee Charlotte Newsham who featured for 45 minutes of the game. She excelled in her position and made light work of the pacey attacker and winger who she was up against. She is a real star to watch with a superb football brain and has the ability to read the game so well and sniff out the beginnings of any attacks. There is no doubt in any of our minds that she will become a regular in the senior team in time, until then we hope she picks up the valuable experience she needs.

Just a reminder to all fans that you can become an official member of the Barmy Army (free of charge) contact us by emailing at Muwsc@mail.co.uk. Please provide full name, date of birth and a contact E-mail. Alternatively, come and speak to us on matchdays, you’ll normally find us on the back row singing so just follow the noise! Make sure to sign up to keep up to date with all the news and inside knowledge on all things Manchester United. It is open to all no matter how loud or quiet you are and especially for all you shy people, it’s a real chance to make friends but also become part of our family.

We are hosting a Skype group chat at 2pm on Sunday for all fans to have a talk and to bring us all some sanity in these difficult times. We understand that in these times of social distancing it can create isolation and can cause problems for those with mental health issues. We want to assure all fans that we are there for them and we will do anything to help each other out through this madness. 

Stay safe and well Reds, look after yourselves and your families, hold them especially tight and be thankful of each other. Until next time stay healthy. 

The Barmy Army (@barmyarmyMUWFC)

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