Rush Green Stadium. WSL West Ham United Women v Manchester City Women West Ham United Women v Manchester City Women WSL Football Match, Rush Green Stadium, London, UK - 13 Jan 2019 Photo: Alan Walter for The FA

FA Women’s Super League Full-Time VE Day Quiz: Round 4 (Grounds)

To mark the celebration of VE Day, FA Women’s Super League Full-Time ran a special VE Day quiz on Zoom this morning.

There were 60 questions in total, spread across five rounds, those being the Barclays FA Women’s Super League, the FA Women’s Championship, the Lionesses, Grounds and Domestic Cups.

We are now sharing the quiz and answers to the wider football community over the course of VE Day. Here is Round 4, where we quiz you on grounds. Test your knowledge with the 10 questions below and keep a tally of your score. We will have the final round of questions coming up in a separate article very soon.

1) In which town would you find The People’s Pension Stadium?

2) Which stadium has more seats Meadow Park or Kingsmeadow?

3) What is the official capacity of the Leigh Sports Village – A) 10,000 B) 12,000 or C) 14,000?

4) In what year was The Academy Stadium first opened?

5) Which FA Women’s Championship club play at Hayes Lane?

6) Which ground is closer to the Channel Tunnel – Rush Green or Princes Park?

7) Which two clubs play their home fixtures at The Hive?

8) Which club recently moved to a new stadium at Walton Hall Park?

9) Which stadium saw the record attendance set for a Barclays FA Women’s Super League fixture?

10) In which town did Chelsea play their home games prior to their move to Kingsmeadow?


1) Crawley, 2) Kingsmeadow, 3) B, 4) 2014, 5) Crystal Palace, 6) Princes Park, 7) Tottenham Hotspur and London Bees, 8) Everton, 9) The new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, 10) Staines

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