Manchester City Women OSC meet for their FIFA World Cup party in Manchester

WEEKLY UPDATE: Manchester City Women Official Supporters’ Club #6

We are back again with another weekly update from the Manchester City Women Official Supporters’ Club.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 is now underway and we hope that everybody is enjoying it as much as we are here at Manchester City Women Official Supporters’ Club.

We have had many members out in France for the tournament and this weekend they all headed to Nice for the big one, England vs Scotland. With members and of course, Manchester City players in both camps, it was a game which we had eagerly awaited since the draw.

The game was a typical ‘game of two halves’ with England on top in the first half, and Scotland responding in the second period. The of goals all had Manchester City connections and we are hopeful that both teams showed enough to suggest that they can get through Group D and qualify for the knockout stages.

For our members not lucky enough to be out in France, we decided to stage a FIFA Women’s World Cup fun day at our local watering hole. We spent the time pre-match hosting a fantastic quiz, a raffle and we all enjoyed a few drinks. There was then a serious round of FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 sticker swapping.

Again, we had fans of both teams attending the event so after rousing renditions of both national anthems it was on to the match.

It was a great afternoon and one which we will certainly hope to repeat in the future. We would like to thank our wonderful members for such an amazing turnout.

Enjoy the week’s football and look out for our flags at numerous games across the tournament. We will be back again next week with another update.

Dave (Committee member – MCWFC OSC)

Twitter: @MCWFC_OSC

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