Members of the Manchester United Barmy Army at the Leigh Sports Village

Meet the Manchester United Barmy Army: Shane Higgs

The Manchester United Women’s Barmy Army are the most fanatical supporters’ group in the FA Women’s Super League.

Since their formation in 2018, the loud and loyal group of followers have backed Casey Stoney’s side home and away in their numbers, playing their own unique part in United’s FA Women’s Championship title win last season and their push up the FA Women’s Super League this term.

Barmy Army member Jack Morris (@ripper48) has joined forces with FA Women’s Super League Full-Time and is profiling each member of the group. This week, we learn about Shane Higgs, responsible for all things related to spreadsheets, funds and statistics for the Manchester United Women’s Barmy Army.

Name: Shane Higgs

Nickname: Higgsy/Shane-o-Mac/Statto

Age: 26

Location: I only live round the corner (Birmingham).

What is your role within the Manchester United Women’s Barmy Army?

I am treasurer for our committee, resident stat man and I assist with matchday Twitter updates.

What do you do when you’re not cheering on Manchester United?

I am a data analyst for a medical aesthetics company.

What are your favourite United chants or songs?

‘The United Calypso’, ‘Pride of all Europe’, ‘Bring on United’ (pre-match), ‘Super Leah Galton’, ‘Who put the ball in the (Germans’/Scousers’) net’ and of course ‘The 12 days of Christmas’ at that time of year.

Brilliant list, Shane. What do you listen to away from the football pitch? 

I like a mix of music, I don’t have a standout favourite. Put it this way, on shuffle I can go from Eminem to Metallica to Avicii. Just no classical.

I will ask the announcer at Leigh Sports Village to get Beethoven on just for you next match, or maybe the fanfare for Rocky! Who is your favourite player?

Leah Galton.

Can see already from these early articles how popular she is with all our fans. Can’t blame you. What is your favourite thing to eat?

Fillet steak, madras curry (usually chicken tikka or king prawn), pizza (usually one that’s spicy!), chicken wings.

I’ll have you know it is torture editing these as I could eat everything you have just listed. What is your drink of choice?

My soft drink of choice would be Coca-Cola, full sugar Coca-Cola. When it comes to alcohol, I quite like spiced rum. (Captain Morgan or Dead Man’s Fingers.) I’m also partial to a Crabbie’s ginger beer.

I know there will be plenty who will cheer your choice of sugary drinks! Love a ginger beer too. It’s an away day for the United Women. What are you eating?

Maccies breakfast (either a double muffin, sausage bagel or wrap) then KFC on the way home (usually a towered zinger box meal with extra wings).

I am so hungry. Can’t wait for our trip to Reading! What do you think the players and Casey Stoney think of the Barmy Army?

To quote the boss, Casey Stoney ‘The BEST fans’. I think some are still a bit taken a back at how we support but we know the whole team appreciate what we do and we always get a ‘thanks for coming’ after a game. It’s very likely they also think we’re absolute nutters but I don’t think we’d have it any other way.

I wouldn’t. How and why did you join the Barmy Army?

Primarily it was the atmosphere. For my first home game, I was mostly sat for the first half whilst joining in a few chants. By the second half kicking off, I was on my feet making as much noise as possible (as it should be!).

Sometimes it’s difficult when you go to Old Trafford and want to join in the chants when nobody else around you is, but in my first match at the Leigh Sports Village, I was surrounded by the noise makers so I felt comfortable being able to join in without anyone around me complaining. Everyone encouraged each other to get behind the team with their vocal support and on that day, even though I knew nobody there, I was welcomed like family.

My only regret was not making the effort to come to games regularly before that point but without experiencing that atmosphere and being able to contribute, it’s very possible that I’d only be turning up occasionally, whereas now I’m getting to a game by any means possible. I even flew for the first time in my life so I could get to Oslo to watch our pre-season match.

By Jack Adam Morris (@ripper48)

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