Manchester United Barmy Army member Marc Henry

Meet the Manchester United Barmy Army: Marc Henry

The Manchester United Women’s Barmy Army are the most fanatical supporters’ group in the FA Women’s Super League.

Since their formation in 2018, the loud and loyal group of followers have backed Casey Stoney’s side home and away in their numbers, playing their own unique part in United’s FA Women’s Championship title win last season and their push up the FA Women’s Super League this term.

The Manchester United Barmy Army have joined forces with FA Women’s Super League Full-Time and are profiling each member of the group. This week, we speak with Marc Henry, one of the heads of the operation at the Manchester United Barmy Army.

Name: Marc Henry

Nickname: Henners, BA Dad

Age: 45

Location: Manchester

What are your roles within the Manchester United Women’s Barmy Army?

More roles than I can name.

BA Dad needs broad shoulders. What do you do when you’re not cheering on Manchester United?

I have my own digital media company.

What are your favourite United chants or songs?

I like the old fashioned chants such as the ‘Manchester United Calypso’ and ‘Stretford End Arising’ but for the women’s team, ‘Turner & Turner’ and the Leah Galton chant.

We’ve been trying really hard to get “Here we go MUFC” over at Leigh Sports Village, haven’t we. Other than that, good choices. What about your general taste in music?

I listen to mainly rock music or if you ask Deborah (Marc’s wife) she’ll tell you that it’s dad rock such as Queen, Guns N Roses, Metallica and AC/DC.

Dad rock for BA Dad, who would have thought it. Think those are all good personally and not a dad yet neither! Who is your favourite player?

Katie Zelem.

What are your favourite things to eat?

Lasagne, pizza, cajun meatballs and pasta (Deborah’s signature dish), homemade pie and also homemade burgers. Clearly the healthy options.

There is a reason why this is my favourite question. Homemade pie and burgers sound like a dream at the moment. Might want to test Deborah’s signature dish too, for science and mankind’s health. What are your drinks of choice?

Coke Zero, tequila, vodka & tonic and Budweiser

It’s an away day for the United Women. What are you having to eat?

Depends on which service station we stop at but probably a McDonald’s, Burger King or a KFC.

My choices are there too, although Subway doesn’t go amiss either. What do you think the players and Casey Stoney think of the Barmy Army?

I would like to think that even though we are loud, brash and sometimes intimidating we are just a group of fans who have come together to support a Manchester United team.

How and why did you join the Barmy Army?

I heard Natalie singing at the first game against Reading in the FA Women’s Continental League Cup last season at the Leigh Sports Village and decided to join in. Before you knew it, I was standing on the back row with her but put simply, it is another Manchester United team to follow and support.

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