Princes Park - London City Lionesses v London Bees. Image taken by The FA

FA Women’s Super League Full-Time VE Day Quiz: Round 2 (FA Women’s Championship)

To mark the celebration of VE Day, FA Women’s Super League Full-Time ran a special VE Day quiz on Zoom this morning.

There were 60 questions in total, spread across five rounds, those being the Barclays FA Women’s Super League, the FA Women’s Championship, the Lionesses, Grounds and Domestic Cups.

We will now be sharing the quiz and answers to the wider football community over the course of VE Day. Here is Round 2, the FA Women’s Championship. Test your knowledge with the 15 questions below and keep a tally of your score. We will have Round 3 coming up in a separate article very soon.

1) If you were to list the FA Women’s Championship clubs in alphabetical order which club would come after Coventry United?

2) Name one of the current FA Women’s Championship clubs who participated in the original FA Women’s Super League 2 in 2014.

3) Katie Wilkinson has been banging in the goals this season for which club?

4) Riteesh Mishra is the manager of which FA Women’s Championship club?

5) Do Leicester City have a positive or negative goal difference?

6) Which FA Women’s Championship club have scored more goals this season – Aston Villa or Sheffield United?

7) Manchester United were promoted from the FA Women’s Championship last season. Which other club joined them in the top flight?

8) How many Uniteds are there in the current FA Women’s Championship?

9) True or False – None of the top four clubs in the FA Women’s Championship have changed their manager this season?

10) Which is the most Southern-based club in the FA Women’s Championship?

11) Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper Fran Stenson is on loan from which Barclays FA Women’s Super League club?

12) Why was Coventry United’s promotion-winning manager Jay Bradford unable to take charge of the club this season?

13) Which FA Women’s Championship club are known as ‘The Wildcats’?

14) What distance separates Charlton Athletic’s home stadium of The Oakwood and Princes Park, the home of the London City Lionesses? A) 3.3 miles, B) 4.4 miles or C) 5.5 miles

15) The Coventry United home kit is largely made up of red and what other colour?


1) Crystal Palace, 2) Aston Villa, Durham or London Bees, 3) Sheffield United, 4) Charlton Athletic, 5) Negative, 6) Sheffield United, 7) Tottenham Hotspur, 8) Two, 9) False, 10) Lewes, 11) Arsenal, 12) She did not have a UEFA A coaching licence, 13) Durham, 14) A, 15) Green

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