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Manchester United Barmy Army: End of season awards – The winners

Earlier this week, we announced the nominees for our end of year awards as we ran two categories in online polls conducted on our twitter page.

As voting came to a close on Sunday afternoon, we were astonished to see that nearly 500 of our members and fans voted on their 2019/2020 preferred winners. We would like to thank you all for your support with this and it is now time to see who your winners were.

The first award was our illustrious Player of the Season award, to be awarded to the standout player who has consistently performed all season. We gave you our top four of Millie Turner, Leah Galton, Hayley Ladd and Lauren James and then opened up the voting. Winning the poll and now crowned our Player of the Season, with 35% of the votes is….


Hayley Ladd

Our defensive midfielder has dazzled all season from her ability to effortlessly control the game to forging attacks, she really has caught the eye. It is fair to say that she was our signing of the summer and we don’t ever want to see a side that doesn’t feature her at the epicentre. Who could forget that sublime strike and her first goal for us against Leicester City in our 11-1 win. All season she has managed to halt attacks before masterminding our own counter offensives, overall making us look a much tidier side and helping us to settle into life in the top flight with her knowledge and experience. We would like to thank Hayley for all of her efforts this season and we all cannot wait to see her perform again in 2020/2021.


Our second award is the Outstanding Achievement award, to be given to a player who never gives up, who gives their all and seeks to improve with every game. The nominees for this award were Kirsty Smith, Amy Turner, Martha Harris and Kirsty Hanson. We are delighted to announce that your winner, with 40% of the votes is…


Kirsty Hanson

Hanson has been a stand-out player all season. The fans’ favourite is renowned for her skill and speed as a winger. Her sheer pace is undeniable, she can whizz by any defender and make light work of any attempts to challenge her attacks as she has shown us on countless occasions this season. She has many assists to her name due to her ability to break with pace and deliver a pinpoint pass or cross but she has also contributed goals herself. As Kirsty grows from strength-to-strength, we cannot wait to see what the 2020/2021 season will have in store for her.


Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic we will be unable to present either player with their awards. We will instead have to wait until the new season begins but rest assured, we cannot wait to congratulate the pair on their great successes this season. Remember to keep up to date with our socials (online), competitions and news by visiting @barmyarmyMUWFC on twitter or barmyarmymuwfc on Instagram.

Until we meet again to sing and support our girls, we hope that our members and fans stay safe and look after each other.

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