Manchester UTD fans cheer WSL Tottenham Hotspur Women v Manchester United Women, The Hive Stadium, London, UK - 13 Oct 2019 Photo: Michael Zemanek for The FA

Meet the Manchester United Women Barmy Army: Natalie Burrell

The Manchester United Women Barmy Army are the most fanatical fan group in the FA Women’s Super League.

Since their formation in 2018, the loud and loyal group of supporters have backed Casey Stoney’s side home and away in their numbers, playing their own unique part in United’s FA Women’s Championship title win last season.

In a new feature on the FA Women’s Super League Full-Time website, Barmy Army member Jack Morris profiles each member of the group. This week, we learn about Natalie Burrell, the most famous face of the Barmy Army.

Name: Natalie Burrell

Nickname: Natty Bee/The Boss/BA1

Age: 28

Location: Manchester

What is your role within the Manchester United Women Barmy Army?

I am the face of the fans.

What do you do when you’re not cheering on Manchester United?

I am a Corrections Officer

What is your favourite United chant or song?

“We’ve got Leah Galton!”

What do you listen to away from the football pitch?

Anything Old School, 90s, R&B

Who is your favourite player?

Jess Sigsworth

What is your favourite food?

All the food

What is your drink of choice?

Spiced Rum

It’s an away day for the United Women. What are you eating?

Box meal and hot wings with gravy at KFC.

What do you think the players and Casey Stoney think of the Barmy Army?

We are mad but they love us.

How and why did you join the Barmy Army?

The girls needed to be supported with passion like everyone in the club.

I went to the first game at home against Reading and it was just me and friends singing on the back row.

Others at the ground actually told me to keep it down but I don’t go to football to sit down and be quiet.

By the time we played Sheffield United at home though, and it was still just me and a few friends singing, I thought no one wants this and that I should stop.

Legendary English Goalkeeper Rachel Brown-Finnis asked me after the game why did we stop. I told her I don’t want to put the girls off, distract them, cause problems for them or upset anyone. Rachel told me to trust her, that there is no better feeling than hearing fans cheer your name. She asked me not to stop and that the girls would love it – and she was right, they do.

We will be back again next week as Jack Morris profiles another member of the Manchester United Women Barmy Army.
Profile provided by Jack Morris (@ripper48)

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