Manchester United Barmy Army member David Pritt

Meet the Manchester United Barmy Army: David Pritt

The Manchester United Women’s Barmy Army are the most fanatical supporters’ group in the FA Women’s Super League.

Since their formation in 2018, the loud and loyal group of followers have backed Casey Stoney’s side home and away in their numbers, playing their own unique part in United’s FA Women’s Championship title win last season and their push up the FA Women’s Super League this term.

The Manchester United Barmy Army have joined forces with FA Women’s Super League Full-Time and are profiling each member of the group. This week, we speak with David Pritt, a key member of the group’s social media team.

Name: David Pritt

Nickname: Not a clue but I may be called something behind my back.

Age: Old (33)

Location: Manchester

Now David, before we start, I am 32 and I declare I am not old. So I’m not having this at all! On a serious note, what is your role within the Manchester United Women’s Barmy Army?

I help out on the social media side. I do Instagram posts for the first team and Under-21s as well as Twitter updates for the Under-21s when I am attending their matches. I also provide pictures for some of the Barmy Army’s merchandise.

Fantastic. What about other things outside of the Manchester United Women?

I run an account called Academy Review that follows and provides updates on the Manchester United academy teams from the Under-18s to the Under-23s.

I also appear from time-to-time on the YouTube channels Full-Time Devils and Stretford Paddock. I have my own channel too where I discuss the games that I’ve attended that week and I also do United Women’s away vlogs.

Brilliant, red through and through. What are your favourite United chants or songs?

For the men’s team it’s ‘There’s a tavern in your town…’ but for the women’s team I’d have to go with ‘Super Leah Galton’.

I love both of those. Shame we probably can’t get away with the “tavern” song in the women’s game. What about your general taste in music?

It’s a really tough one for me as I have a broad range of music tastes from classical to metal but I have an affinity for The Beatles.

As for songs or pieces of music, recently I’ve been listening to Beethoven – Piano Sonata No.14 (third movement) and I must have listened to Slipknot – Nero Forte every day since it’s release. I’ve been listening to The Beatles a lot lately, so I’ll go with ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ (Anthology three version).

That is a broad range. Nothing wrong with lovely, lovely Ludwig van though in my book. Who is your favourite player?

Another tough one but my favourite all-time player is Ryan Giggs. As for the women it’s hard but I’ll go for Leah Galton.

Two pacey left wingers and two number 11s, both adored on the pitch. What are your favourite things to eat?

From looking at me you can tell I eat way too much pizza. I also can’t turn down garlic bread with cheese, it will be my downfall.

I think it will be the downfall of at least 80% of the Barmy Army based on our eating habits. What are your drinks of choice?

Most things that don’t end with the word ‘Zero’ but I’m known to enjoy a beer and I love a scotch from time-to-time.

It’s an away day for the United Women. What are you having to eat?

I usually just go for a McDonald’s quarter pounder meal with an apple pie for dessert.

Beautiful choices there. What do you think the players and Casey Stoney think of the Barmy Army?

Hopefully, they know how much we enjoy travelling around the country to go and watch them play and how much we appreciate them.

I am sure they do. How and why did you join the Barmy Army?

I came on the first trip with an organised minibus last season to the infamous game at Charlton Athletic that was abandoned 10 minutes in due to an injury to one of their players and a lack of oxygen to treat further players that may have been injured thereafter should the referee have continued the match.

I carried on going to the games after that, probably because of my pictures on MU Women Review (my women’s Instagram account). I was asked if I’d post pictures on the Barmy Army’s Instagram account and it progressed from there.


You can find David on Twitter @DavidJPritt, on Instagram @davidpritt and on YouTube at

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