FA Women's Championship advertising hoarding at Maiden Castle - Image by Durham Women FC

FA Women’s Championship set to be extended to 12 clubs in 2021/2022

The FA Women’s Championship will be increased to 12 clubs from next season according to the FA Director of the Women’s Professional Game, Kelly Simmons.

The league has been contested by 11 clubs since the rebrand from it’s old identity of FA Women’s Super League 2 to the FA Women’s Championship ahead of the 2018/2019 campaign.

On what is the 10th anniversary of the launch of the FA Women’s Super League, FA Director of the Women’s Professional Game, Kelly Simmons, has told FAWSL Full-Time along with various other media outlets that the plan is to increase the number of clubs in the FA Women’s Championship to 12 from next season. With non-elite clubs having seen their respective seasons curtailed for a second successive year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it has been confirmed that clubs will be invited to apply for Tier Two licences with the two successful bidders joining next season’s FA Women’s Championship. The planned increase to 12 clubs will be subject to two successful bidders meeting league criteria.

The news means that London Bees, the club who will end the season bottom of the FA Women’s Championship table, will be relegated under the proposals. At the other end of the table, Leicester City will be leaving the FA Women’s Championship after securing their promotion to the Barclays FA Women’s Super League while any one of four clubs could be relegated from the top flight in what has become a real dogfight at the bottom of the table.

The old FA Women’s Super League 2 was launched in 2014. Of the original 10 member clubs, only Durham could remain in the league next year unless Aston Villa are relegated or one of the former clubs lodge a successful bid to rejoin the league.

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